• Investment Approach

Investment Approach

Macroeconomic data and trends and the political environment are analyzed to develop overall outlook and interest rate strategy.

We monitor economic releases, market trends, political developments, and monetary policy to develop our fixed income market outlook.

A duration target and yield curve strategy are formulated to best position the portfolios given the team’s outlook.

Our interest rate forecasts will alter our target duration, or the measure of a portfolio’s sensitivity to interest rate changes, as well as how we position individual holdings across the yield curve.

Sector and security selection are driven by in-depth research, and the relative attractiveness of the issuer’s industry, credit strength, marketability, offer yield and structure.

High portfolio credit quality is maintained through ongoing due diligence on all current and prospective investments, as well as through diversification by sector and issuer.

A customized portfolio is created to meet each client’s individual investment needs and goals.

Ascent develops a collaborative relationship with its clients, continually integrating feedback and analysis into the portfolio.

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